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#3p1w - Three Pilots - One War
Multimedia project World War I Centenary

The pilots of World War I were made out to be knights of the skies, pioneers and heroes by the national propaganda of their home countries. But what was the reality like? How did a man become a pilot? What were his experiences in the War? How did he perceive his surroundings? The Royal Air Force Museum, London, the Musée de l’Air et de l’Espace – Aéroport de Paris – Le Bourget, and the Militärhistorische Museum der Bundeswehr (Bundeswehr Museum of Military History) on the Berlin-Gatow airfield want to impart an impression of the reality of life of three soldiers who fought in World War I in their joint project “Three Pilots – One War”. It focuses on wartime letters which will be published exactly 100 years after being written. They will be complemented by exhibits and other personal documents.

The pilots:

Peter Falkenstein (Germany)

Bernard Curtis Rice (British Empire)

Jean Chaput (France)

This online project is linked to the exhibitions in these museums dealing with the subject of the centenary of World War I. The Royal Air Force Museum in London will have reorganized its permanent exhibition on World War I by December 2014 (more information). The Musée de l’Air et de l’Espace will organize a temporay exhibition with the title « La grande Guerre des Aviateurs » (The great war of airmen) from 5 october 2014 to 25 january 2015 (more information). The Militärhistorische Museum der Bundeswehr will show an exhibition “14 Menschen – Krieg” (14 – People – War) in Dresden and an exhibition “Falkenstein zieht in den Krieg“ (Falkenstein Goes To War) in Berlin-Gatow (more information). The objects and letters from the front which are being presented in the online project can be viewed as real exhibits in the museums.


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