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Permanent Exhibition in the outdoor area


The outdoor area of the Military History Museum in Berlin-Gatow has it's focus on the thematic presentation of Military vehicles from the Cold War era. The Museum owns one of the world's largest collections of aircrafts, helicopters, anti-aircraft missile systems, radar systems and ground equipment from the Bundeswehr and the East German Army (NVA). The variety of exhibits ranges from Trainer aircraft to fighters, fighter-bombers and reconnaissance aircrafts, Transporters up to combat helicopters.

Moreover, several aircrafts from other NATO and Warsaw Pact states can be found. In addition aircrafts, used by Navy and Army, are on static display. Ground-to-surface-missiles are presented as well. A Special exhibit is the Radar System "Würzburg Riese" (Würzburg giant) from Second World.

Overview Map of the Exhibition in the outdoor area

Thematic Areas

  1. The Berlin Airlift
    Enemies become friends
  2. Military Air Traffic Control (ATC)
    Fly safe, land safe
  3. Air Transport
    For the deployment of personnel and materiel
  4. Air Defence
    Countering airborne threats
  5. Target-Towing Aircraft
    Learn to aim, learn to shoot
  6. Radar systems
    Detect, track, identify
  7. Electronic Warfare and Reconnaissance
    From photography to direct data link
  8. Anti-Submarine Warefare Aircraft
    From the air and on the sea
  9. Fighter-Bombers and Ground-Attack Fighters
    Engagement of ground targets
  10. Fighter Aircraft
    Engagement of aerial targets
  11. Trainer Aircraft
    Learn to fly, learn to fight
  12. Neclear Delivery Vehicles
    Whoever shoots first, dies second