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For a Living Museum

Friends and supporters fill the Museum with life. They help out where expert knowledge is required and assist with events. In addition to the general support provided by the support association, sponsors for exhibits and other voluntary helpers are also committed to restoration.

Sponsors for Exhibits
Sponsors for exhibits take on responsibility for one or more exhibits of the Museum. This may also include helping with the description, the maintenance or the presentation of the relevant exhibit.

Frequently, Bundeswehr units take over the maintenance of their sponsored objects when former and active soldiers are visiting Berlin. These visits are usually rounded out by activities promoting politico-historical education and by beer calls. Other sponsors are civilian aircraft enthusiasts, radio amateurs and clubs.
For more details, see our flyer on sponsorships for exhibits or mail a request for information to
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Voluntary Helpers
A network of companies and aircraft enthusiasts supports the restoration team of the museum for individual projects with information and in some cases also with much needed spare parts.