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Ende|Neuanfang - Die deutschen Luftstreitkräfte in der Wiedervereinigung
An Ending and a New Beginning – the German Air Forces during the Reunification
1. April 2011 - 30. June 2012

How did the members of the two German air forces experience the reunification? How did former enemies turn into new comrades? How do the people involved in those events look at them now?

With its special exhibition "An Ending and a New Beginning", the Bundeswehr Museum of Military History turns its attention to the German reunification and allows people who experienced and helped shape this historical turning point to express their views.

The contemporary witness project accompanying the exhibition was carried out from February 2010 until January 2011. The exhibition organizers talked to former soldiers of the two German air forces and to soldiers still on active duty. In addition to documenting the different ways in which the events were perceived in the East and the West, they particularly wanted to present the wishes, worries and hopes of soldiers serving on different hierarchical levels in the East and the West.

Parts of the interviews are presented as film and media files at the exhibits of the history exhibition. An interview terminal in the final section of the exhibition enables visitors to record their own experiences and comments.

The history exhibition is complemented by a photo exhibition. It is the result of a photographic quest which was undertaken by two young photographers, Caroline Wagner and Sarah Kindermann, from October 2010 to October 2011. Caroline Wagner created portraits of the contemporary witnesses, whereas Sarah Kindermann photographed former airfields of the National People's Army. Together, they concentrate on the present and encourage people to discuss various points of view, lost opportunities and results achieved.