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Military Aviation in Germany


Permanent Exhibition since April 13, 2018 in Hangar 3

The history of military aviation began already shortly after the invention of the first aeroplanes in the 19th century. Many aviation pioneers hoped that aviation would unite people and bring about peace. But the employment of aeroplanes and airships in military conflicts even prior to World War I proved the opposite. Within just a few decades, humans had developed range and destructiveness of weapon systems to such an extent that they were able to destroy entire cities.

In eight sections, the exhibition in Hangar 3 offers an overview of this development against the background of the historical framework conditions. In the centre of the exhibition, well-known and unknown contemporaries from different eras recount their experiences. They show how air warfare has strongly influenced our understanding of war. At the same time, the exhibition also covers questions concerning the responsibility of the state and the individual.

With Hangar 3, the Museum located at the heritage-protected Berlin-Gatow airfield offers its visitors, in addition to the outdoor exhibition area, a central permanent exhibition, alternating special exhibitions and a diverse accompanying programme during the multi-year step-by-step renovation and modernisation.