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"Es geht mir gut" - Deutsche Feldpost von 1870 - 2010

 "I am all right" – German Military Postal Service from 1870 to 2010

If someone is away from home, relatives will worry. This is particularly true for soldiers deployed far from their families in crisis and war zones. The military postal service offers a way of keeping in touch. Someone who sends off a letter demonstrates one thing above all, namely "I am still alive", or – to put it in a more reassuring manner – "I am all right".

In its special exhibition on the German military postal service from 1870 until 2010, the Museum for Military History explores the characteristics of a military postal service, its functions and changes. What does the military postal service of 1870 have in common with that of 1914? Did changes occur until 1918 or during World War II? What is the role of the military postal service within the Bundeswehr and in today's digital era?

The exhibition does not merely focus on the institutional level showing how a military postal service works and where it differs from a "normal" postal service, but also depicts the individual fate of the people who write or receive military mail.

The walk through the exhibition ends at a work of art named "Icarus", which was created by a sculptor from Bonn, Mareile Schaumburg. It was made from letters sent by her father, an Air Force soldier who died as a prisoner of war.

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